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E Commerce

Data Captain also provide quality managed e-commerce solutions.

Commerce Captain

Commerce Captain by Data Captain Ltd is a complete online retail solution offering a comprehensive set of advanced tools to help you develop and enhance your retail operation. 

The Commerce Captain Team is unique in that it has been able to blend knowledge of retail, e-commerce and customer relations.  Not only will this help you to attract customers, it will keep them coming back time and time again.

The software is designed and developed by our own team of e-commerce experts under the supervision of our highly experienced internet specialists with experience of over 10 years in the industry.

Commerce Captain is designed to offer customised shop fronts coupled with strong range of tools that will see your shop set up and trading.  You will soon be benefiting from the increased sales and exposure that the internet can bring.

Commerce Captain, if compared with other e-commerce systems, can be simply described as an online or virtual copy of your retail outlet allowing your customers to purchase products from your website.   In fact it goes one step further as you can include non-stock items increasing the range of products visibly available. 

Adding Commerce Captain to your sales and marketing set up also attracts customers from all around the UK, opening your products and services up to the whole internet community.
However, Commerce Captain is far more than just simple shopping cart software that makes your site look very professional and fancy; rather it’s a service that will provide you with a professionally designed store front with tools to manage it properly and helps you build a relationship with your customers.
A selection of tools and utilities are offered as a part of Commerce Captain that is suitable for virtually any type or size of merchant who wishes to sell products on the internet.

Commerce Captain – Features

  • Bespoke design web site
  • Back office control panel (admin and user logins)
  • Up to 5,000 products pages
  • Up to 15 non-product pages
  • Up to 10 email accounts
  • Free upgrades
  • Free online customer support and training (No hidden costs)
  • Dedicated business manager (Analyse business strategies)
  • Cost and profit reports
  • Automated stock control
  • Gift voucher facility
  • Newsletter creator wizard (interact with registered customers)
  • Best sellers automatically computed and displayed
  • Special offers page
  • New products page
  • Characteristics (different variations of a product)
  • Product discount facility
  • Product linking (up selling)
  • New order section
  • Dispatched orders section
  • Multiple delivery options
  • Automated template letter facility (Orders Received, Dispatched, Registered Customers and Forget Password)
  • Automated customer database
  • Registered customer and site logins (Trade/Public)
  • Tell a friend feature
  • Loyalty Schemes (Bonus point system ensuring repeat business)
  • Image library
  • Manage and add your own images
  • Manage and edit products
  • Order notification email (notification when orders received)
  • Cart statistics (so you know how products performing)
  • Web statistics (keep track of your visitors)
  • Custom invoice creator
  • Integrated Payment Gateway (take credit/debit card payment securely through your site)
  • Full 128 bit encryption for security
  • SSL (Secure socket layer)
  • Delivery charges (weight/location/next day/amount spent)
  • Tax settings (VAT)
  • Choice of currency
  • CSV import and export (mass upload products information via spreadsheets)

Commerce Captain – Support Package

This is an optional extra and specifically for those businesses that either do not employ an IT expert or simply do not have the time to run a second business.

The Commerce Captain Support package is also far cheaper than employing an IT specialist.  Each month Commerce Captain will deal with:

    • The day to day running of the site.
    • Look after the merchandising of new products (up to 200 per month)
    • Manage your pay per click marketing and provide advice on search engine optimisation (SEO).  Google pay per click adverts are the most popular and generate the most custom.
    • Send and track your e-zines (email brochures and promotions).
    • Monitor all orders, notifying you immediately by fax or email of each order and confirmation of each payment received into your online Pay Pal account.

All you have to do is arrange dispatch, delivery and transfer the cash from your online Pay Pal account to your regular bank account.  What could be simpler?

Initially we advise all customers to take up our 6 month support contract even if they are website proficient.    This ensures that everything is exactly as you would like it upon launch, which is a very important factor as first impressions last.



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